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NZXT H710i Matte White Mid-Tower RGB CaseNZXT H710i Matte White Mid-Tower RGB Case
NZXT NZXT H710i Matte White Mid-Tower RGB Case
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DeepCool MATREXX 30 Black ATX PC Case | DP-MATX-MATREXX30 |DeepCool MATREXX 30 Black ATX PC Case | DP-MATX-MATREXX30 |
DeepCool CH560 DIGITAL WH White ATX PC Case | R-CH560-WHAPE4D-G-1 |DeepCool CH560 DIGITAL WH White ATX PC Case | R-CH560-WHAPE4D-G-1 |


1. What to consider when choosing a computer case?
Ensure compatibility with your motherboard size. Prioritize good airflow design. Opt for sturdy build quality. Consider cable management options. Check for sufficient drive bays. Look for necessary front panel ports. Choose a case that matches your style. Consider dust filters for maintenance. Plan for future upgrades. Stay within your budget.

2. How do I know if a computer case has good airflow?

Check for front intake and rear/outlet fans, as well as vents and mesh panels for air circulation.

3. Can I install a water-cooling system in the computer cases you sell?
Yes, majority of the our available PC Case model supports water cooling systems.

4. How do I know if the power supply unit (PSU) will fit in the computer case?
Check the PSU form factor (ATX, SFX, etc.) and the case's PSU compatibility specifications.

5. Is it better to have an open case or closed computer case PC?

It depends on your priorities. Closed cases offer better protection and noise reduction, while open cases can provide improved airflow and easier access for maintenance.

6. What happens if I leave my PC case open?
Leaving your PC case open can lead to increased dust buildup, reduced airflow, and potentially higher noise levels. It may also expose components to more risk of physical damage.

7. Does a computer case make a difference?
Yes, a computer case can significantly impact airflow, component compatibility, cooling efficiency, and overall build quality.

Memory / Rams FAQs

No, desktop and laptop memory (RAM) modules are generally not interchangeable due to differences in physical size, form factor, and pin configurations. Desktop RAM modules typically use DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) slots and have larger physical dimensions, while laptop RAM modules use smaller form factors like SO-DIMM (Small Outline DIMM) and have different pin layouts to fit within the space constraints of laptops. Therefore, it's essential to use memory modules specifically designed for your desktop or laptop computer.

  • For gaming, faster RAM can enhance overall system performance by reducing loading times, improving frame rates, and providing smoother gameplay, especially in CPU-intensive games. Look for DDR4 or DDR5 RAM modules with speeds ranging from 3200MHz to 4800MHz or higher, depending on your budget and system compatibility.
  • For professional applications such as video editing, 3D rendering, or graphic design, faster RAM can improve multitasking, rendering times, and overall workflow efficiency. Opting for higher-speed RAM with ample capacity (16GB or more) and low latency can lead to noticeable performance gains in these tasks.
  • DDR4:Lower data transfer rates compared to DDR5. Limited memory densities compared to DDR5. Operates at higher voltages compared to DDR5. Commonly used in older systems and remains widely available. Generally lower cost compared to DDR5 due to older technology.
  • DDR5:Higher data transfer rates compared to DDR4.
  • Offers higher memory densities compared to DDR4.
  • Designed to be more power-efficient compared to DDR4.
  • Requires motherboards and CPUs specifically designed to support DDR5.
  • May be initially more expensive than DDR4 due to newer technology.

Vektra Workshop services includes full PC assembly and parts upgrade. Technician can do the work for both.

For gaming: DDR4 RAM with speeds between 3200MHz to 4800MHz and capacities of 16GB to 32GB.For professional use: DDR4 RAM with speeds between 3200MHz to 4800MHz and capacities of 32GB to 64GB, potentially considering ECC RAM for critical data processing.

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