1. What is a prebuilt PC?

    A prebuilt gaming pc is a preconfigured and pre assembled pc ready to play out of the box.

  2. Is a prebuilt PC right for you?

    For those who value time and convenience, this is definitely for you. This streamlined purchase approach is a breeze.

  3. What is the best gaming setup for beginners?

    The best setup for beginners would be any of our Prebuilt RDY builds. All you need to do is decide on a price point and we will show you several options that fit your range.

  4. What is the primary advantage of going prebuilt over DIY?

    Prebuilt takes all of the complicated guesswork and research out of the equation. Answer a few questions using our tools and we’ll configure the best machine for your needs within a few clicks with our Custom PC Builder.


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