Vektra Designer Series Optimized Workstation PC (2-Years Warranty)

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Introducing the Vektra Designer Series Optimized Workstation PC – a meticulously crafted computing powerhouse that seamlessly blends performance and style for discerning professionals. Tailored to meet the demanding needs of designers, content creators, and innovators, this workstation is a testament to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Unparalleled Processing Power: Elevate your creative process with the Core i9-14900KF processor, reaching speeds of up to 6.00 GHz. Experience unparalleled performance and responsiveness as you effortlessly tackle complex design tasks and simulations.

Robust Foundation: Built on the Z790 motherboard with LGA 1700 socket, this workstation ensures a stable and scalable platform for your creative endeavors. The combination of a powerful CPU and motherboard lays the groundwork for a seamless workflow.

Graphics Excellence: Choose between the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB or the optional RTX 4070 12GB graphics card for an immersive visual experience. Witness your designs come to life with exceptional rendering capabilities and realistic details.

Ample Memory Options: Optimize your workflow with 32GB or 64GB of DDR5 RAM clocked at 4800MHz (optional). Effortlessly handle large files and intricate projects, allowing for smooth multitasking without compromising performance.

Swift and Capacious Storage: Select from optional PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSDs, available in 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB capacities. Enjoy lightning-fast data access speeds, enabling quick file transfers and efficient project loading times.

Reliable Power Supply: With a 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU, this workstation ensures a reliable and energy-efficient power supply. Focus on your creative process without concerns about power stability.

Optimized Cooling and Aesthetics: Encased in an ATX Mid-Tower Airflow TG chassis, this workstation combines form and function. The optimized airflow design ensures efficient cooling for sustained performance, while the transparent tempered glass showcases the sleek internals.

Efficient Liquid Cooling: Experience optimal thermal management with the 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler. Keep temperatures low, even during prolonged creative sessions, ensuring that your hardware operates at its best.

Windows 11 Pro: Maximize your productivity with the advanced features of Windows 11 Pro. Benefit from a sophisticated and intuitive operating system that complements the innovative hardware of the Vektra Designer Series.

Designed for those who demand excellence, the Vektra Designer Series Optimized Workstation PC redefines the creative process. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled performance, where every detail is crafted to enhance your workflow and inspire your creativity.

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