Our Roots

VEKTRA’s history reaches back to 2020 when it’s founders were debating if to start their business towards their passion of building high performance PC’s. Finally it was decided to combine the best of building high performance custom PCs and fine tuning them for best customer experiences.

VEKTRA is a private self-funded company that is shaping the present & future of the PC, crafting & assembling new better solutions while always remaining inspired to offer excellence to its customers.


The Vektra Experience

If you demand high performance, high specification, phenomenal build quality computers, then you can count on VEKTRA to deliver the best solutions. VEKTRA offers you the assurance that can only come from an experience & excellent powered by the most advanced technology.

VEKTRA’s dedicated & personal support team meets your needs for performance, quality and support dependability.

• Designed in the UAE
• 72 Hour Testing on all custom computers
• Free Labor on all builds
• Lifetime UAE Support
• Free Shipping in UAE
• International shipping options available


    Phenomenal Build Quality

    Every detail of a VEKTRA system is scrutinized and perfected through VEKTRA’s quality assurance process. Each system is hand assembled from beginning to end, wired for maximum airflow then integrated with the latest hardware drivers.

    VEKTRA takes threats from poor thermal management and incompatible components very seriously. Our VEKTRA computer builders and assemblers carefully look at each system as to how to wire cables efficiently to promote optimal airflow and maximize the reliability and longevity of your system.

    Once the system is fully integrated, the quality assurance & check phase takes place where we vigorously test the system for minimum of 72 hours and inspect the system with our over 100-point checklist before final approval, all provided free of charge to ensure your VEKTRA system operates at its best performance when switched on.

    VEKTRA provides a wide range of product offerings tailored for the varying demand of each customer. Whether you are a PC gamer, creative professional, stock trader or you need a reliable home/office system, VEKTRA offers a wide variety of products that fits all your needs.


    First Class Support

    VEKTRA service and support is upfront & honest, we aim to give you the best customer experience both before and after you receive your VEKTRA system. The knowledge and expertise of the VEKTRA customer support team will always have your back. We understand any down time is critical and so you can always call VEKTRA customer service over phone support to speak to someone who can assist you. We also offer onsite technical service, an exclusive online support over WhatsApp, and unlimited access to driver downloads, training videos & much more.

    VEKTRA systems have ZERO Bloatware installed. We do not offer any 3rd party software which can make your system unstable or may conflict with software you wish to install. At VEKTRA, we build PCs designed for best performance, reliability and longevity that fit your needs.


    So why should VEKTRA be your next PC?

    1. VEKTRA design & support our PCs here in United Arab Emirates.
    2. We have a non-commissioned, no-pressure sales team, which will provide you transparent information and help you to make a correct choice when it comes to custom computer assembling.
    3. All systems are hand assembled, integrated and go through a stress & benchmarking test for quality assurance.
    4. The same people who build your machine, support your machine.
    5. We take full advantage of wiring & cable management for maximum airflow of your system.
    6. VEKTRA is an authorized partner with Key vendors and always brings to market the latest technologies.
    7. We do not install any bloatware – no 3rd party software is installed for a clean & reliable system.
    8. VEKTRA has comprehensive, long-term warranties that include remote desktop support, on-site service (varies based on location), lifetime technical support over phone.


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